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We have many different types of stone available. Use our handy calculator on the left to calculate how many yards you will need for your project. Please call or visit if you have questions.

Delivery available only in Stowe, Morrisville, Waterbury and the Hyde Park areas.  All products are available for pickup at our office. All products are subject to availability.

We are located in Percy Park,  269 Weeks Hill Road, directly across from Mayo Farm Road,  just past The Swimming Hole.

3/8" Peastone3/8″ Pea Stone
Typically used in the construction of walkways and driveways.
3/4" Peastone¾” Washed Pea Stone
Used for driveways and walkways. May also be used as drainage stone or for septic systems.
3/8" Winooski Stone3/8″ Winooski Stone
Typically used in walkways and driveways.
1/2" Winooski Stone½” Winooski Stone
Typically used in walkways and driveways.
3/8" Blue Stone3/8″ Bluestone
Typically used on driveways or walkways.

(This is a special order, please call for details)

125fracturedstone1¼” Ledge Stone
Typically used for drainage.
34fracturedpercystone ¾” Ledge Stone
Typically used for drainage.
Dale Percy, Mortar SandMortar Sand
Used for mixing with mortar for brick and stone work. Can also be used for sandboxes.
Dry Manufactured SandDry Manufactured Sand
Used under patio flagger stones, or in walkways.
It may also be used for driveways.
Staymat, Percy's Excavating, Stowe Vermont3/4″ Staymat
Used for driveways and walkways. 1 1/4” Inch Staymat available on request.
1 1/4" Coarse Crushed Gravel¾” Crusher Run Gravel
Used for construction of driveways. 1¼” Crusher Run Gravel available on request.
2 inch minus gravel3 1/2″ Minus Gravel
Used for base of driveways.
round stone1¼” Washed Round Stone
Used for drainage or in septic systems.
screened topsoilScreened Topsoil
Used as top layer for finishing and seeding.

The following products are also available:

  • 5 – 8″ Ditch Stone
  • 12 – 18″ Type 1 Ditch Stone
  • Rip- Rap (2′ Minus)
  • Mound Sand
  • Clay
  • Sandfill
  • All Products are sold on a Per Yard Basis. Use our Online Aggregate Calculator at the top left of this page to determine how many yards you need for your project.
  • All Products Subject to 6% Sales Tax

Dale E. Percy Inc. also carries items such as Drainage Piping, Water Piping, Sewer Piping, Culvert Piping, and Fittings!

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